For over 30  years, Peter has assisted many couples in designing personal and meaningful wedding ceremonies. His approach is an open and inclusive one that welcomes participation by family and friends, and that encourages the use of poetry, family traditions, World Scriptures, and any symbolic rituals that the couple finds to be inspiring and important to them.

Please look at the sample wedding groups he has listed… There you will find plenty of ideas, readings, and resources that couples working with Peter can freely use as their guidelines and possibilities.

Peter always looks forward to the process of designing a ceremony together- getting to know each person, their individual journey, any questions they might have, and learning about how they would like to see the wedding happen. Once he receives the rough draft of ideas, he edits and adapts the words to include in the ceremony in a way that reflects the ideals and values of each couple.

He looks forward to working with you!

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From there you should see a list of topical sample Weddings I have designed and performed over the years!