Thoughts about Dreams

November 10, 2009 - 9:56 am 5 Comments

Beginning Now

Come As You Are…

What you believe, bring with you as you come. If you have doubts, bring them with you also. Come as you are, and inescapably must come, if you would be yourself. Be unashamed even, of your shame, at least within yourself. Of others, ask no more- or less. Let us be what we are as best as we can.

No one is perfect. No one is better or worse than another, for no one has lived the life of the other. All are seekers, no matter what they have found. All are proud, no matter how humble they wish to appear.

Let belief doubts, shame, pride, humility, and the inescapablity of self sit aside by side in mutual and self respect until there comes the feeling that, in the depth of understanding and feeling, we are one.

Keep Your Dreams

Itzah Perlman is one of the greatest violinists in the world today. As he tells it, before he was four years old, two things happened to him that has shaped the rest of his life. First, he was crippled by polio, and the second, he heard a recording of the famed violinist Jascha Heifetz.
Perlman explained that though polio had taken away the use of his legs, Heifetz’s had given him wings. It gave him a great dream that set him on the road towards musical greatness.

Former president, Woodrow Wilson observed this: That we grow by listening to our dreams. Henry David Thoreau said, that we are to listen to our dreams, and follow them. For it is our life’s task to place a livable foundation under them. Today’ theme is this: Don’t let anyone discourage you or anything steal your dreams, and do not be afraid to endure challenges in order to build your life on them!

Spiritual Dreams

Jesus, Ghandi, and King, among other great reformers and visionaries realized the importance of their guiding dreams and the essential need to have others understand, promote, and affirm those dreams and then be willing to support those outcomes.

They chose to act in a way that would transform their lives, their values, and they would risk their sense of security, personal comfort, and even bring the possibility of danger into their lives in order to achieve the rightness, the truth of their dream.

Every leader, every reform movement, every person requires a spiritual vision and then needs their community’s support. Whenever we risk sharing a dream, a joy, or a sorrow, we are sincerely asking others to hear us, really hear us, and then respond from their hearts– knowing that as a larger community of sisters and brothers, we need each other in times of sorrow, and that we also need each other in times of rejoicing… That we need to hear each other to survive, and that we to listen to each other to truly thrive…

The Dream Of The Heart

The dream of the heart is the outlet. It is one with the living water welling up from the very springs of Being, nourishing and sustaining all of life. Where there is no dream, life becomes a swamp, a dreary, dead place…
The dream enables us to ride out the storms of churning experience. It is the exciting whisper moving through the aisles of spirit, answering the monotony of limitless days of dull routine. It is the ever-reocurring melody in the midst of the harsh discords of human conflict.
The dream is no outward thing. It does not take its rise from the environment. It lives in the inward parts; it is deep within, where the issues of life and death are ultimately determined.
Keep alive the dream, for as long as we have a dream in our hearts, we cannot lose the significance of living.
Howard Thurman

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