Receiving God

July 24, 2009 - 8:01 pm 11 Comments

Pastoral Reflection/Prayer: Receiving God
In a splendid introductory book, Invitation To The Spiritual Journey,” there is an interesting section where the modern Hindu mystic Kriyanada, speaks about daily life. He states that daily life is to be lived in response, and in resonance with holy ideas and principles. He called this awareness, “attunement,” attuning oneself to divine principles and holy purposes. Ironically, he finished his discussion of the spiritual life by quoting from The Holy Bible; giving his mostly Western audience a new way of understanding Scripture. he read from John’s Gospel where it said,” [As many as received him, to them, did he give the power to become the children of God]”
As I understand it, receiving is the direct result of remembering; remembering God in our lives, and recalling divine presence as a part of our daily awareness. We can receive when we stop racing through the day, and invite into our minds and hearts the receptivity and the resonance we need so that we can enjoy a more centered, calm, peaceful life.
Because each of you is an intelligent, productive and caring person, daily spirituality might be thought of as another demand in an already overly active day.
It does take time to be receptive to invite God into our awareness. But daily spiritual work for yourself is not a duty or a requirement, it is also your privilege and gift you can offer to yourself. From that act of affirmation and connection, your daily life can become an active prayer. From the inclusion of a holy companionship , loneliness vanishes, and serenity and acceptance returns.
Holy Presence, Sophia, God; That which lives in and among us, that grace that surrounds and blesses the whole of creation and human interaction,
Each of us has daily challenges and trials; having to put up with less that desirable circumstances, we are tested and tempted to believe that you are not truly a part of our lives. We affirm, that through a greater sense of attunement , we can learn to live in a holy resonance, in a God centered, love-worthy world. AMEN

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