Celtic-Pagan Prayers and Blessings

October 29, 2009 - 7:52 pm 17 Comments

Celtic-Pagan Blessing

May the blessing of the light be with you always,
light without and light within.

May the sun shine upon you and warm you heart
until it glows like a great fire so that others may feel
the warmth of it.

And may the light of your eyes shine like two candles in
a window at night, bidding the wander to come in
out of the dark and the cold.

And may the blessings of the rain be upon you,
the sweet and tender rain;
May it fall upon your spirit as when flowers
spring up and fragrance fills the air.

And may the blessings of the rain wash you clean and fair,
and may the storms always leave you stronger and
more beautiful.

And when the rains are over, may there be clear pools of water, made beautiful by the radiance of your light,
as when a star shines, beautiful in the night,
pointing the way for all of us.

Blessed Be – Amen.

Brighid (Irish):
Make my words sweet enough to call you here,
and sweet enough to praise you when you arrive,
Sweet Brighid.

A Bhrighid, the flame on our hearth,
in our hearts,
receive this olive oil poured to you,
butter of the southern lands,
and my promise as well of your butter sweet,
spread thickly on bread,
on our return.
Milk as well will be poured to you,
Protector of our well-blessed hearth,
of our inner hearts,
which turn to you with love.

The God (Wiccan):
We call upon the All-Father: Come to us!
By the raging wind: Come to us!
By the blaze of fire: Come to us!
By the surging water: Come to us!
By the cold, still earth: Come to us!
By the Spirit of All: Come to us!
Come to your people: Come to us!

We sing in praise of the God of Help; we sing with words finely wrought, we sing with thanks for His blessings, we sing to Him just as we ought, we sing for His gifts freely given, we sing for His lessons well-taught.

The God (Wiccan) as Death:
Come, Stern Lord: Come to us!
Out of the darkness: Come to us!
By the tempest wind: Come to us!
By the devouring flame: Come to us!
By the overwhelming sea: Come to us!
By the opening earth: Come to us!
By the Spirit that waits: Come to us!
Come to your people: Come to us!

The Goddess (Wiccan):
Mother, can you hear me crying?
Gather me in your infinitely encompassing arms,
hug me to your soft breast, and whisper, “There, There;
all will be well.

All will be well, but for now cry.
My clothes have been wet with tears before and will be again.
So for now, cry, and all will be well.”

She is great and not to be held
because it is her arms that hold.

She is ever-present and not to be seen
because there is nothing to compare her to.

Ride across the plains
and you are on her body.
Climb the mountains
and you climb her breasts.

Go into the ocean
and you are in her very womb.

We call on the Great Mother: Come to us!
By the singing air: Come to us!
By the dancing fire: Come to us!
By the ocean water: Come to us!
By the silent earth: Come to us!
By the Spirit of All: Come to us!
Come to your people: Come to us!

When the Priestess stands in the circle,
filled with the divine Female Power,
she is not the symbol of the Goddess,
she is not wearing the Goddess:
she is the Goddess Herself, here among us,
here, blessing us with what is only Hers to give.
That is why the Priestess is standing here in this circle.
It is why she stands in the center and waits for the Goddess to come.
Let us wait with her. Let us sing for her.
Let us sing for the Goddess,
so that seeing us ready she might come.
Come to us, Mother,
Oh come to us here;
Come to us, Goddess,
Oh come to us here.
[repeat as desired]

The Goddess (Wiccan) as Death:
Come, Dark Mother, Come to us!

Out of the night, on owl’s wings: Come to us!

By the screeching wind: Come to us!

By the cleansing fire: Come to us!

By the absorbing water: Come to us!

By the resting earth: Come to us!

By the Spirit that waits: Come to us!

Come to your people: Come to us!

The Green Man (Wiccan):
From the tree leaves eyes are peering, smiling.
But when I turn my back it seems like they’re looking with distrust.
So I leave this for the Green Man to prove my good intentions.

Lugh (Irish):
Lugh, of arts and skills, as your spear, so my hammer:
May if fall powerfully and accurately,
and may my work be performed with beauty and without delay.

Manannán (Irish)
A Mhannanán, rider on the secret sea,
whose white-maned waves lie under the wheels
of your chariot which through a meadowed plain,
a fertile land of flowers fair, makes its way to me.
A Mhannanán, hear my well-wrought prayer,
receive from me this silver fare: keep me in your fabled care.

O Mhanannán, who stills the waves,
bring waves to me, and then still them too.
Bring clouds, bring turmoil, bring broaching winds;
then calm seas, as if after a storm.
Dredge up from the deep the ancient fears,
then soothe them away with your branch’s ringing.
O Mhanannán, hear my prayer.

Amid overwhelming waves I call to you,
and, sea’s son, you will calm them.
For they are the horses which draw your chariot,
your goad the ringing of golden bells.

Rhiannon (Welsh):
It’s quite obvious, really, but at the same time a marvel:
a woman on a pale horse,
a woman who can not be reached by great exertion.
Impossible to reach, she is easy to attain.
We need only call and ask for her love.

So I call to you, Rhiannon; out of my need I call to you.
I call to her – look, she stops.
Listen to my needs, Rhiannon,
fulfill them:
Please listen to someone who loves you.

Ceisiwr Serith

For more of her inspirational words and wisdom teachings, please go to her website: Ceisiwr Serith.com

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