Believing & Perceiving; I Guess God Knows Best!

July 24, 2009 - 8:03 pm 3 Comments

A Story About Believing and Perceiving

There was a scene in the Star Wars trilogy when the hero, Luke Sky Walker went off in search of a spiritual teacher named Yoda. Yoda was a like a magician; he taught how to use the powers of your mind, heart, and will called The Force to achieve great things. When he landed, his plane sunk into the marshy swamp.
After finding him, Yoda taught Luke how to move objects and do things that were extraordinary just by using his concentration. Finally, Yoda told Luke to raise his plane that fell into the swamp. Luke tried, and yet he could not use the Force to raise his plane…. Yoda looked on and urged him to try again… Luke tried hard, but failed. Then Yoda tried, and almost effortlessly, he raised the plane to dry land.
Luke exclaimed, “I didn’t believe it could be done!” Yoda replied, “Exactly, you did not believe, that is why you could not do it.”
We have to believe in our abilities, if we want to accomplish our goals. Whether that is the play baseball better, build a church, or get A’s on our report cards, we have to believe that it is possible, and set the goal clearly in our hearts. Then, we have to practice both the thoughts and the actions to reach our goals, and realize our dreams.

I Guess God Knew Best!
One day, a young, questioning woman sat beneath a large and sprawling oak tree, which was next to her garden, and its pumpkin patch. Because she questioned everything, she because to wonder why it was that such a large, strong tree like the oak only had small, little fruits like acorns, and why long, thin vines produced large, heavy pumpkins. She thought to herself, “Maybe God was wrong, and mixed things up, shouldn’t the acorn grow on a long thin vine, and a pumpkin be supported by a large, strong tree?
So much thinking made her drowsy… she fell asleep under the oak tree.. a gentle breeze came up, an acorn dropped off its branch and fell right on her nose, startling her and waking her up! Suddenly, looking up into the tree, she realized, ” Maybe God was right after all !
Sometimes in our lives, wanting things to be different, or trying to outsmart natural laws and divine reasoning just do not work… Sometimes, our task is to accept what is and give thanks for whatever that day in our lives brings to us.

3 Responses to “Believing & Perceiving; I Guess God Knows Best!”

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