Kailo Community and Creation Spirituality- An introduction

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Introduction to the Intent of The Kailo* Community

and to the 12 principles of Creation Spirituality

Many people today are in search of greater spiritual affirmation and renewal. Our world presses in from all sides, and we can feel like squeezed fruit; our energy, hope, caring become expelled, and all we have is a tired physical shell with a little pulp that is left.

One of the common ways we seek renewal, affirmation and rejuvenation, is to revisit our childhood faith. When we begin to look around, or evaluate whether or not our childhood church can meet our adult and changing needs. We can experience the old ways of worship and theology as being insufficient, empty. They seem to be out of touch with what we might need from a progressive church or an inclusive worshiping community. Because we can feel dissatisfied, some of us turn East, while others drop out completely. Some of us hold on to a desire to redeem whatever was inspirational in their religious past, but have yet to find an expression of spirituality and community that accepts many paths towards truth, and many ways that truth can be expressed.

Creation Spirituality is an international movement dedicated to greater ecological awareness and to an informed affirmation of our interconnected place within the Cosmos. It fosters and supports inclusive worship as celebration that provides the mystic, the prophet, the artist, and the healerĀ  within each person with an deeper expression and greater validation.

As an interfaith, deep ecology movement, its teachings offer us new ways to reclaim our inclusive Western heritage and to revisit, reclaim, learn, explore and experience more timeless truths within our greater religious culture in new ways.

A Kailo Community empowers your personal search for whatever is good in Christianity, without negating the wisdom and truth you have learned from other sources. The goal of this community is to recapture the inclusive inspiration of the primitive church, or the church before the restrictions of creeds and beliefs. Our intent is to form a gathering of spiritual brothers and sisters for a communion/community that serves three primary goals:

First, to fortify your positive identity as a spiritual person, as a child of God, and to affirm your identity in a way that is inclusive, dynamic, progressive and without judgment.

Second, to provide one another with the deepening and enduring qualities of spiritual companionship, and share the uplifting resources found in belonging to a spiritual, mystical family.

Third, to offer every person a place for the encouragement of more mindful, ecological living and justice making, and to strengthen their right intentions in their careers and in their family lives.

* The word, Kailo, comes to us from the spiritual mother tongue, Sanskrit… It is the root word for the Western words that became healing, wholeness, holiness, and integrity…

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