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Brief Ritual of Blessing: St. Blaise-Blessing of The Throats on February 3rd each year…

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            The Blessing Of The Throats  February 3rd




According to Catholic tradition and legend, one of the most valued legacies of the sainted ones are the gifts of healing and enlightenment accomplished by intercessionary prayer and their inspiration as role models for our lives. One of the most enduring rituals that honor the gift of healing and spiritual embodiment comes down to us as The Blessing Of The Throats.

In the ritual that follows this explanation, we will offer this ancient rite and ask that it will open us up to greater spiritual expressiveness, prophetic outspokenness, that advances the realm of God within and among us.

St. Blaze or Blaise was an early church bishop in Asia Minor during the 4th century AD. Not much is known of this saint except that he was a physician before he became a bishop and that he was a gifted healer who generously offered himself to people and to animals who were brought to him. The particular healing associated with the throat relates to the story of how he saved a young boy from choking.

we honor and recall this gift of healing today by understanding the importance of the throat area as not only the physical center for swallowing, speaking and breathing, but for what that vital part of our body correlates to in our feelings and in our consciousness. When looked at metaphysically, the throat is the center of the true self or our authenticity.

It is the area that deals with the passions of deception, denial, and lying. It is also the part of our psyches that needs to speak up for oneself, and address others- to speak up to oppression, manipulation, or subservience. As a spiritual truth, we are all equal, and deserving of compassion and being heard.

Speaking up for justice with integrity is an important quality for the healing of our society, for freeing our personal and soulful progress, and for empowering our world’s health, safety, and evolution.

In this ritual, we will pray together to be open to these inner truths, as well as affirm the right to restorative healing, the uninterrupted flow of breath, blood, life and language that are given to us by God.


RITUAL: People wishing to receive the blessing/healing or the freeing/strengthening of this ritual, will be asked to kneel before the priest, and let the crossed candles touch each side of their throats. Then the priest will speak the words of invocation, release and blessing and offer the transmission:


“May the grace and power of God free you from whatever binds you; May you be released and healed to express your true self, your life in God, in every way.”     AMEN 9