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A Prayer for St. Bridget’s Day and A Celtic Invocation and Response

January 31, 2014 - 3:34 pm Comments Off on A Prayer for St. Bridget’s Day and A Celtic Invocation and Response


This morning, as I kindle the fire upon the hearth, I pray that the flame of God’s love may burn in my heart, and in the hearts of all I meet today.

I pray that no envy and malice, no hatred or fear, may smother the flame.

I pray that indifference and apathy, contempt and pride, may not pour like cold water on the fire.

Instead, may the spark of God’s love light the love in my heart, that it may burn brightly through the day.

And may I warm those whoa re lonely, whose hearts are cold and lifeless, so that all may know the comfort of God’s love.



Be with us, Bridget, might Celtic triple goddess of the flame and the flood, crafts, weaving, and creativity.

You who bring inspiration, art, healing, poetry, medicine and smithcraft, be with us today.

Stir for us, the cauldron of ideas and transformation!


Come to us with air, creating inspiring words and thoughts.

Come to us with fire, for the potter’s kiln, the smithy’s forge.

Come to us with water, to heal the sick with love and compassion.

Come to us with earth, and bless our creations, born at Solstice, now to manifest!



For February 2nd and 3rd- St.Blaise\Candlemas

Selected Reading: The Light Within

[“The truth is that we cannot be left unchanged by encountering others… Every relationship of our lives, every turning toward one another rather than away from

others, or choosing to hide oneself, is an ever-deepening encounter with God, and with our essential humanness.

When we allow ourselves to experience this, when we love, we discover that our fear can only be finally dispelled by the confrontation, by the embrace and the grace of the encounter itself. Each time we are willing to live in the light, the shadows covering ourselves are dispelled and less fear survives. The reality of such love and courage casts out our fears, the more practiced, the more perfect it becomes.”]

Reprint: Teilhard De Chardin: A New Year’s Prayer

January 4, 2014 - 9:28 am Comments Off on Reprint: Teilhard De Chardin: A New Year’s Prayer

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  As we launch into 2014 we at the Teilhard de Chardin Project are reminded of the New Year’s prayer Teilhard once offered:

“At the beginning of this new year, what we ask of that universal presence which envelops us all, is first to reunite us, as in a shared, living center with those whom we love, those who, so far away from us here, are themselves beginning this same new year.    On January 1, 1932, Teilhard de Chardin found himself in Central China with some 40 other men  engaged in Citroën’s Croisiére Jaune, an event described this way by a New York Time movie review of a documentary made about it.

“La Croisière Jaune (The Yellow Journey) is the record of an astonishing motor trip from Beirut, Syria, across Afghanistan, the Himalaya Mountains, the Gobi Desert and the rest of Asia to Peiping.”  It follows “the itinerary of the two heroic little groups who drove in [all-terrain vehicles] along the fabled [Silk Road] where six centuries ago Marco Polo crept along by foot and caravan. The main group started from Beirut going east, while a smaller group worked westward from Peiping, later falling into the hands of the war lord of Sinkiang, who commandeered the autos and imprisoned the men.”

Teilhard was traveling with the westward group, which had left Tientsin on April 6, 1931.  Having successfully joined forces with the eastward group in Sianking Province, they were now working their way back to Peking.  Thus, on this New Year’s Day, after 8 months of sharing rigorous hardships on the road, the 40 members of the Citroën Expedition gathered shortly after dawn at a small mission church to attend a Mass celebrated by their colleague Pere Teilhard de Chardin.  In addressing them Teilhard acknowledges the fact that most of them are unbelievers.    The leader of the expedition, Audouin-Dubreil, kept a copy of his address:   My dear friends, we have met this morning, in this little church, in the heart of China, in order to come before God at the beginning of this new year.  Of course, probably for not one of us here does God mean, or seem, the same thing as for any other of us.  And yet, because we are all intelligent beings, not one of us can escape the feeling, or reflection, that above and beyond ourselves there exists some superior force, and that, since it is superior to ourselves, it must possess some superior form of our own intelligence and our own will.   It is in this mighty presence that we should recollect ourselves for a moment at the beginning of this new year.  What we ask of that universal presence which envelops us all, is first to reunite us, as in a shared, living center with those whom we love, those who, so far away from us here, are themselves beginning this same new year.   Then, considering what must be the boundless power of this force, we beseech it to take a favorable hand for us and for our friends and families in the tangled and seemingly uncontrollable web of events that await us in the months ahead.  So may success crown our enterprises.  So may joy dwell in our hearts and all around us.  So may what sorrow cannot be spared us be transfigured into a finer joy, the joy of know that we have occupied each his own station in the universe, and that, in that station, we have done as we ought.    Around us and in us, God, through his deep-reaching power, can bring all this about.  And it is in order that he may indeed do so that, for all of you, I am about to offer him this Mass, the highest form of Christian prayer.

We wish you and all those you love, wherever they may be, a joyful new year with a renewed zest for life!