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A Prayer, an Invitation, and a Hope for Pentecost

May 16, 2013 - 7:47 pm 25 Comments

A Prayer, an Invitation and a Hope for Pentecost

(excerpted from the beginnings of the Kailo Community – an interfaith wisdom school that had begun in Charleston in 2012… And that will, with God’s grace and the sufficent commitment and support by those who wish to participate, become active again in 2016…)

Holy Presence, Sophia, God; That which lives in and among us, is that grace that surrounds and blesses the whole of creation and human interaction. Each of us has daily challenges and trials; having to put up with less that desirable circumstances, we are tested and tempted to believe that you are not truly a part of our lives. We affirm, that through a greater sense of attunement, we can learn to live in a holy resonance, in a God centered, love-worthy world. AMEN


On this day of Pentecost, I invite you to discover how this spirit of life acts from within you, and how, in the vision and ideals of a church, how this spirit works with us, and through us…  As spirit filled heretics, we can advocate for living life to its fullest!

However you choose to define it further, we can generally acknowledge that, along with Emerson, that the Spirit is our most basic life energy- the breath that acts as our common source for vitality and consciousness- She is an energy we can all embody and direct in ways that serve our humanity and our communities to uplift us and to sanctify our lives…

“As we are open to the influx of light and power, and as we believe in our own inspiration”, Emerson said, “then are we capable of human ecstasy… For we are all children of the Holy Spirit.”


Remember this about yourself, about this church, about all the people who surround you – We are all kindled by one flame, and that light grows as the commitment we make to this community grows, and its warmth and inspiration becomes our common fire-  A symbolic and sustaining fire that cannot die, but is eternal and remains ever available to inspire us and that will help us to conspire with all those who desire to be enlightened and enlivened by it.

Additionally, as summer approaches, my recommendation is this:
Try to avoid making your lives so busy that you cannot stop to notice how the spirit informs you. How beauty and wonder abound. Be willing to linger long enough to bear witness to the grace that you and others contain… Just look for it mindfully and open-heartedly: In the colors of nature; in the joy of a child, etc. But it comes to us most often when we look soulfully into our own quiet times, and then look into your courageous hopes that faithfully assist us in overcome our fears…
The Holy Spirit guides the future and She is sparked by the warmth of its presence in your life today, and that it is through the generous sharing of our gifts with one another, that we can learn how to give and how to share our message and our meaning more lovingly with the world!

May it be So! AMEN