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Reflection on The Chinese New Year- The Year of The Dragon!

January 20, 2012 - 2:47 pm 9 Comments

A Reflection On The Chinese New Year

Water Dragons, 2012, Awakenings, etc.

As well known Taoist teacher and scholar Michael Winn puts it,

Taoists call it Tai Yi, the Great Oneness. It is stepped down into our local Consciousness in 2012 as the Year of the Black Water Dragon.

This Dragon Year chi helps to spiral us back into the core from which we were born. This coming year, according to other astrologers, will bring physical alignment with the Galactic Center. In my experience, the chi shift has already happened, but humans are just a bit slow in waking up to it!

This parallels my observation in my book, Spirit, Time, and The Future, where I affirm that it is not so much a time or a date on the calendar that is most significant but that the potentials hidden within time can be released or engaged in such a way as to promote a personal spiritual awakening, and a regeneration of  hope and courage in making the necessary changes that usher in a cultural conscious change.

As a consensus opinion, The year of the Dragon is a time of ambition, power, and daring. Events seem as if they are magnified threefold with increased intensity. The energy and vitality of Dragon year may make some people overly optimistic. Dragon year is an excellent time to start a business, marry, have

children, and take incredible risks. On a global level, expect extreme earth changes, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tidal waves.

According to Gillian MacBeth-Louthan in her recent article (1/13/12) Quantum Awakening

My Book, Spirit, Time, and The Future Is being revised and will be ready in March

January 7, 2012 - 6:32 pm 5 Comments

Spirit, Time, and The Future

A theological and transpersonal inquiry into Spirit for our times…

Published by Outskirts Press, and available on Amazon and on Barnes and Noble websites starting in January…


As a way to outline what this book holds, I will give you a list of the Chapter headings:

Introduction that includes definitions of Spirit and spirituality as well as what are spiritual experiences…

I: Limits of our Traditional Knowledge

Looking at the origins of our ideas on Spirit and how it is currently understood in religion and society

II. Jewish Mystical Teachings

And their corelation to Christianity and to contemporary science

III. The Spirit in Theology and Time


How theology looks at and defines time; The curious and inspiring theory of Joachim De Flores and the Age of The Spirit

IV. The Question of Time

Pneumatology, Time, and Culture

V. An Unfinished Conclusion

Towards a personal approach to Spirit


A Sacred Invitation

End Notes