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Personal Reflections on Injury, Illness, Grace and Change

June 9, 2009 - 7:51 pm 20 Comments

Each of us lives our lives on the edge of the unknown; a span of uncertainty
that stretches from being on the brink of glowing opportunities and shining
accomplishments, all the way to the sudden, unexpected razor-like crisis
where your reality is becomes an instant slice of acute pain, paralyzing fear,
profound feelings of sorrow and loss. All it takes is an instant of change, and
our lives are dramatically, sometimes permanently altered. So it is then, that
we live each day and hour on the edge of the unknown… Within a capacity or
living in a paradox where we are able to experience the positive outcomes of
decisions, even accidents, or become prone to life’s extremes; Simply, we are
open and vulnerable to the full range of life’s possibilities.

How does this fortunate or awful truth affect us? What can it mean or how is it
to be understood by a person of reason and faith?

The Christian philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard, who was well acquainted with
both the experience of human joy and various stages of human suffering,
stated that all faith begins in possibility. We can take it from him that our
sense of an abiding, supportive, and relational faith brings to our peak and to
our valley experiences, the many possibilities for heightening or deepening
our understanding of ourselves and God, and that God, can be variously
defined as strength, courage, fortitude, perseverance, or hope- and these
ideals can be seen as trustworthy companions- no matter what befalls us…

Please note: I said that God, or the virtues, ideals and qualities that are
ascribed to a source or a power that lies within and beyond ourselves, would
accompany us, but that force, or that presence would not necessarily rescue,
protect, exempt, or prevent us from any of life’s opportunities and challenges.
In my universe, and in my set of definitions, my idea of a God is not all
powerful; much has been given to the capacities of human reason, the full
range of free will, and our acceptance of our personal responsibilities for
choices and outcomes.

Knowing this as a deep truth, or at least acknowledging the possibilities of this
spiritual friendship, marks the great difference for me between just being able
to cope with life, and having a trustworthy faith that accompanies me while
going through the experiences of my life.