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Getting Through The Day

March 1, 2009 - 7:56 pm 6 Comments

A personal and spiritual approach to daily living.

Ever since learning about how Thoreau cared about the quality of each day, it
has been a reoccurring guiding theme for me- one that I often revisit as a part
of my assessment of goals, values, and ideals to hold, and to try to carry into
each day.

When I or when anyone engages in self-scutiny, t rying to appraise and
evaluate directions, motives, and goals there is an ongoing need to avoid
harsh judgment, and the willingness to be compassionate and conciliatory
towards the direction one seeks, or tries to master. Since accepting the
ministry as my primary vocation, this issue has called to me and confronted
me acutely- I have searched continually for a vital, involved approaches that
allow for a more comprehensive outlook, and an ongoing opportunity to
express my decisions, choices, and responses in a positive, affirmative,
theological and ethical ways.

Now I would LIKE to say that since becoming a minister, that my days have all
been growing, glorious, and gracious in their qualities and outcomes. But
since I also try to be honest about all that I am aware of, up front I have to
admit that some days it is grueling, and grasping, and I can feel that just
getting through the day itself, and making it to bedtime, appears to me to be
my greatest daily achievement!