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Pastoral Reflection: On What We Carry

July 13, 2008 - 3:38 pm 9 Comments

Ephesians 5: 1-20

We live in response to the events and experiences of our lives.

It is the measure of our faith and our understanding, and is shown in our choices, beliefs, and actions. In many ways, what determines our path, or the direction in which we will go is whether we are willing to walk according to the amount or measure of light we see and/or perceive. As it comes down to us by the writer of the Letter to The Ephesians:

“Once you walked in darkness, but in Christ, you are a part of the light. Live as children of the light. For the results of that life is found in all that is good, right and true. Try to find what is pleasing to God in your life, and walk in Godly ways.”

Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, we don’t always recognize what is good for us, or welcome God’s truth even when it is in our midst.

We often balk, turn arrogant or deaf. Until truth is revealed or broken open for us, as the living bread- explained and experienced- rarely do we realize its value or what is truly Holy for us.

We live and walk through each day as people who carry the threat of reversal and the hope of resurrection inside us; God can be asleep or active in our awareness, dead or alive for each of us as portions of each day of our lives.

What continues to be the Easter story, is that God can arise from our pain, conflict and doubt… Spirit ascends and brings us up and out from the grave of our egos, our fears, and any experiences of loss or grief. In our prayers, we can ask God to supply us with enough love to overcome any halting steps or threats to our recognition of the Divine as active in our lives. And with that assurance, we can more confidently and courageously press on through our journey of life, growing in the light with each step, more aware and enlivened by God’s guidance, mercy, and truth, which will we bless us, and carry us through…