Inclusive Thanksgiving Prayer

November 16, 2011 - 9:26 am Comments Off on Inclusive Thanksgiving Prayer

O God, whose goodness and mercy have followed us all the days of our lives, we blessyou because the beautiful cup of our love and friendship is not large enough to hold all that we feel at such a time as this… The cup runs over, and our thanksgiving spills itself towards the Infinite Giver, who is great enough to understand our humble joy.

We thank you that we do not become aloof from human worth by our gratitude to you. We thank you that we have known at least a little how true it is that where love is, God is. You have prepared a taable before us, not only in the presence of our enemies, but in the presence of our dearest¬†ones and in the face of friendly company.¬† …

We bless you for the tender things which hearts can never fully tell in words; for the delicate flowers of affinity which speech is too clumsy to hold; for the hopes which shine like distant stars; for a faith in the future, a faith in life, which can look over the dark valleys and see the light of dawn on faraway hills. Shepherd of all souls, in spire of our fears, may we trust in your unfolding love, and feel safe when all safey is lost.

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